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Lithonia Home and Auto Locksmith Services

Call 404-806-6886 for 24/7 emergency lockout service in Lithonia

Atlanta Locksmith is Lithonia's trusted name in security solutions - providing customers with 24-hour emergency, residential, commercial and auto locksmith services.

Atlanta Locksmith customer service is unmatched. By proving to customers that we have the best solution to their needs, we've become the locksmith and security services provider of choice in Lithonia and the greater Atlanta are.

All work is fully guaranteed for 90 days.

Earning the trust and confidence of our clients by providing solutions to their vital key, locksmith and security needs has rocketed us to success.

Whatever your problem, automotive, residential or commercial, Atlanta Locksmith delivers the solution to clients in Lithonia and DeKalb County at affordable prices.

By giving customers the service and respect they deserve, Atlanta Locksmith has been rewarded with a loyal following of satisfied customers in Lithonia.

We're passionate about our locksmith services and it shows. You, our valued customer, can feel secure-we'll take care of you professionally and confidentially.

Call now to be served by the best locksmiths in Lithonia and metro Atlanta

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Unlocking Lithonia, GA Online

Welcome back to Lenny the Lock's riveting and secure local online guide - Unlocking Lithonia, Georgia. A the clever surfers may have guessed, I am Lenny. A locksmith by trade, but on Tuesday evenings I put aside my cylinder locks and pin tumblers and moonlight as virtual guide, unlocking the web around Lithonia and parts of Atlanta, Georgia.

For starters, why did we choose to name our beloved Lithonia as "The City of Granite"? Looking at the welcome sign in Lithonia with the granite block makes me think of a tombstone. Not that there's anything wrong with locking the deadbolt of our lives, but why associate Lithonia with the doorframe of death? A better question is why so many other cities have adopted the same nickname. There's one in Oklahoma, Minnesota has one, Illinois has a Granite City, but no website, even Aberdeen, Scotland uses this peculiar stage name. There's even a restaurant chain with called Granite City - Key and Food, and I don't think they're located in Necropolis. So maybe it's just me, a sensitive locksmith with too much imagination and a dislike for locking granite slabs and the fields they decorate.
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